“I will go before thee,
and make the crooked
places straight:...”
—Isaiah 45:2

“Trust in God, and ‘He
shall direct thy paths.’”
—Mary Baker Eddy

— What we do —



Correct Address

In our spring mailing we included a return envelope mistakenly addressed to our old address. We apologize for the confusion this may have caused, and we want to ensure you that we are working closely with the post office to ensure that items sent to the old address will be forwarded to us in our new location. We are striving to ensure that we receive this mail as efficiently as possible so as not to delay our reply to you. Again though, we must apologize for any inconvenience or delays.

Please note that our phone and fax and email addresses remain unchanged.

New Address
9300 W 110th St
Ste 250
Overland Park, KS 66210
Old Address
2405 Grand Blvd,
Ste 1040
Kansas City, MO 64108

Most Recent Mailing

Each spring and fall we mail an inspirational letter to friends on our mailing list. We enclose a remittance envelope for the convenience of those who would like to make a donation, but it is not our intent to suggest, even subtly, that a donation is expected. Our mailings are intended to remind you that we’re here to help. We hope that you find inspiration in them and join with us in prayerfully acknowledging God’s bountiful provision for all mankind.

2018 Spring Mailing

Please click here if we may add you to our mailing list (or click here for email only).

New videos

The Principle Foundation has touched and been touched by many individuals who have gained spiritual insights about about the nature of benevolence and the divine economy. Last year we started a video library to begin capturing some of these key ideas. You can find these videos on our YouTube Channel.

Here's a sampling of what you will find:

Lessons from Loaves and Fishes
Hear some fascinating insights into the well-known story about the loaves and fishes from the Gospel.
Metaphysical and Practical
Is our approach to our work metaphysical or practical? Learn more in this short two-minute video.

Grant Processes

If you know of fellow Christian Scientists who could use a helping hand, please encouraged them to contact our office for assistance from prayerful and loving friends who want to help.

TPF Process NFCSN Process

If you or others you know would like to offer financial assistance, please know that The Principle Foundation is a good partner in putting your donations to use in serving our Christian Science friends around the country in times of need.