“And when they were come into the ship, the wind ceased.”
—Matthew 14:32

“And o’er earth’s troubled, angry sea
I see Christ walk,
And come to me, and tenderly,
Divinely talk.”
—Mary Baker Eddy

— What we do —



When natural disasters occur, many individuals are eager to help. The Principle Foundation provides a quick and reliable avenue for getting assistance to Christian Scientists who need it.

In recent years we have gaven dozens of grants to individuals and families affected by hurricanes (namely Florence and Michael) and wildfires (California and Oregon). Often this was the first help they received—before FEMA, insurance, or any other aid organization. The outporing of love from Christian Scientists to Christian Scientists was awe-inspiring.

At present, we stand ready to assist our friends and neighbors in Tennessee and the vicinities impacted by the recent tornadoes.

Types of Assistance

We provide financial assistance in two ways:

  1. Immediate Needs. Funds for temporary lodging, gas, food, clothing, and to help compensate for lost income.
  2. Rebuilding. Funds for structural repairs, insurance deductibles, vehicle and furniture replacement.

If you need assistance...

If you, or a Christian Scientist you know, need help, please call our office.

Our grant process is quick, simple, and confidential—all it takes is a phone call. There is no written application or lengthy review process.

If you would like to offer assistance...

The Principle Foundation maintains a restricted fund for Disaster Relief. Because the Fund is not restricted to a specific storm or natural disaster, we are always prepared to help even when storms do not receive national attention.

To help us wisely manage the resources entrusted to us, Disaster Relief moneys not used for their intended purpose may be moved into the General Fund after two years so that they may be used to assist Christian Scientists with other needs.

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Assistance to Christian Science Churches

While The Principle Foundation can assist individual Christian Scientists, The Mother Church has disaster relief assistance for branch churches and societies.

Video: How Christian Scientists Respond to Storms

Former Executive Directors of The Principle Foundation tell how Christian Scientists prayerfully and practically supported one another following major storms.

Individuals and a Reading Room found supply during Hurricane Katrina.

Church members in Joplin, Missouri were helped after their church and many homes were leveled by a tornado.