“I will go before thee,
and make the crooked
places straight:...”
—Isaiah 45:2

“Trust in God, and ‘He
shall direct thy paths.’”
—Mary Baker Eddy

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2019 Fall Mailing

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2019 Fall Mailing

2019 Open Doors Conference

“Thought has been expanded & exalted.” The Principle Foundation hosted a second Open Doors conference November 14‑16, 2019, in Kansas City.

The conference was attended by 150 individuals representing 72 Christian Science organizations from the US and abroad. (In preparation for the conference, we identified and invited 107 such organizations.)

The purpose of the conference was to bring together leaders from Christian Science nonprofits to consider prayerfully and practically how we can better serve our fellow Christian Scientists. The theme was “follow thou me → inspired leadership.”

A combination of listening and practicing, the two days included five speakers, interspersed with group activities. Each speaker shared ideas on the metaphysics of leadership, including in-depth looks at Biblical examples and detailed stories from Mrs. Eddy’s experiences. These examples showed the progression of leadership from leading oneself to leading others to serving the world, a progression inspired by Mary Baker Eddy’s reference to “me, and mine, and all” in her poem, “Mother’s Evening Prayer.”

We also looked deeply at how true leadership is followership at its core: following the teachings and practice of our Master, our Leader, and our Pastor. What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ or student of Christian Science? Certainly a follower will strive to hear and obey divine direction and guidance.

The first Open Doors conference was held in 2015 with a theme of “We would enter by the door.” It explored how we can practice Christian Science in all aspects of organizational work. The 2019 conference continued that line of thought by exploring how leadership as followership can be applied to every individual’s work.

Many attendees gained specific ideas from the talks and workshops:

“Seeing that error is so impersonal — that we are all challenged with the exact same things — helps us pray for all of us.”

“I found the idea that we want to see the “Third-Degree” characteristics expressed in our meetings and management fundamental to the management of CS organizations.”

Following the conference, four of the speakers shared with us some of the highlights of their talks. Each of the images below is a YouTube video link.

"Biblical Leadership Workshop"
Evan MacDonald

"Metaphysics of Inspired Leadership"
Sue Holzberlein, CS

"Universal Leadership"
Janet Horton

"Followership as Leadership"
Heather Vogel Frederick